Sadie Willmon-Haque, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Life can be very difficult at times, and for some, it has felt that way for days, months, or years. I am a Licensed Psychologist in private practice who has been in the helping profession for 20 years. I provide therapy for clients of varying ages, ethnicities, and presenting problems, including depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, & women's health issues/infertility.

I work to be culturally responsive, to have a multicultural orientation, with a comfortable, pleasant, & helpful style. I try to help people feel accepted, supported and understood as well as implement strategies to support their wellness.

I strive to come from a evidence-based practice orientation where the goal is the integration of the best available research with consideration of your unique background, culture, and preferences.

I provide Individual therapy for adults and teens and also provide PTSD assessments for the Veteran's Administration (QTC).

To make an appointment, call the Hope Springs Building at 405-321-3600. My confidential voicemail box is mailbox 4.


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