Jenna Argue, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor

Personal Statement

As a therapist, I believe empowerment is a potent tool. My focus is to work with individuals to empower themselves and find a more balanced path in an often unbalanced world. To do this, I provide a safe place to talk and learn about the root causes of the difficulties you are experiencing or merely the space to explore and learn about yourself. I believe self-care is a very important part of one’s contentment, and a component that is often overlooked in today’s busy society. In therapy, my focus is to help you meet your goals in a gentle and compassionate way while  helping you learn new tools to aid you in achieving those goals.

Approach to Therapy

There is no one correct path to embark on change. To begin this path, I utilize tools from different approaches to create an individualized plan in achieving identified goals or hopes. From examining stories and breaking down their meanings, to challenging stubborn thoughts, to exploring troubles through artistic expressions, my aim is to reach each client on a level they can connect with. With that connection individuals can learn tools, aiding them to lead a meaningful life as defined by them. To do this, I provide individual and family counseling to persons 9 and older, in the general population.


Professional Background

I earned my M.Ed. in Community Counseling from the University of Oklahoma in 2009.  My B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy is from the University of Oklahoma as well. My counseling career began at a non-profit agency in 2009 and transitioned into private practice in 2012.


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)  #4796

Areas of Focus

• Adjustment Issues          • Anger Management           • Anxiety

• Eating Disorders- Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Disordered Eating

• Coping Skills                    • Existential Concerns

• Feelings of Sadness       • General Life Questions      • Relationship Issues

• Self-Care                           • Self-Esteem                         • Stress Management

 Contact me through the front office of Hope Springs at 405-321-3600. Thank you!