Craig Cruzan, Ph.D., (Under Supervision of Sharla Robbins, Ph.D.)

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I believe in a collaborative approach to therapy, with both client and therapist working together to identify the patterns and problems that are causing distress and to make positive changes. I have confidence in the resilience and strength of the people I counsel, realizing that sometimes we become overwhelmed, make unhelpful choices, and reach a place where we need help to overcome the issues we face. My skills lie in helping individuals identify both the patterns that are negatively affecting their life as well as the strengths they possess to overcome them. I am a scientist-practitioner, which is a way of saying that my expertise and interventions in the therapy room are firmly grounded in the latest scientific research. 

My aim is to provide my clients with the psychological tools and resources that have been proven to be effective, to help them become empowered to make positive changes and live their lives to the fullest. It is by no means an easy process to change, but it is very much possible to do so and I am always honored to be able to walk that road with my clients.


My area of specialty is couples counseling. Relationships are complex and powerful things that can cause great joy and fulfillment as well as terrible pain and frustration, and I have a passion for helping couples overcome hardships and conflict to achieve satisfying and meaningful relationships. I utilize the Gottman method for couples, which is a scientifically-validated approach based on decades of research into what makes committed relationships happy and satisfying over the long-term as well as how to identify and address the patterns that creep in to drive a couple apart. Whether the relationship is young and fresh and in need of establishing positive principles moving forward or more established and in need of rekindling that spark that drew them in the first place, I firmly believe counseling can help couples navigate their relationship and find what works best for them.

I also work one-on-one with individuals and occasionally with families. I primarily focus on the struggles of anxiety, depression, and personal trauma. I believe in utilizing one’s personal values to find success and meaning in life, and it is the combination of meaning, self-exploration, and psychological coping tools that makes my therapy so effective. Spirituality is important to me and I believe it can be used to great effectiveness in enhancing one’s life and personal meaning. My Christian faith is very important to me personally and I have spent many years seeking more knowledge about God and faith. I can provide Christian guidance and counseling to those who find meaning in a relationship with Christ and who desire God to be a part of their growth and change. At the same time, it is important to me that all of my clients feel valued and safe to bring up issues personally relevant to them without fear of judgment or criticism. That being said, I am happy to work with those of faiths and values different to my own and I have been an Ally of the LGBTQ community on the University of Oklahoma campus for many years. I believe strongly in making individuals feel accepted and safe, and I have worked meaningfully and successfully with atheists, agnostics, those of other religions, and those within the LGBTQ community on numerous occasions.

My practice currently operates on a sliding scale ranging from $40 to $100 based on your income level. I am working as a postdoctoral fellow and my practice is under the supervision of Dr. Sharla Robbins, Ph.D. Due to this, I am not currently able to take or bill insurance and I only accept cash or checks for now.

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