Catherine Webb, Ph.D.


Accepting and coping with inevitable life change and problems can be painful and difficult. I strive to help people feel understood, supported and accepted, while using my expertise to facilitate exploration and overcome struggles in the service of finding life-affirming answers.  My approach is collaborative in order to achieve change and gain relief from the problems that brought them into therapy.

It is immensely satisfying when in the process someone gains the understanding and tools to find a happier, more fulfilling and richer way to live their life.

Approach To Therapy:  Catherine believes that everyone is faced with difficult transitions in life, which may be experienced as overwhelming and as overtaxing available coping skills, resulting in anxiety, depression and other forms of distress.  At such times it is often difficult to view oneself as having other possible choices or find a different perspective offering a way out of habitual but unsatisfactory ways of reacting to life events.  We are all products of the sum of our life experiences at different developmental life stages, interacting with each individual’s genetic endowment and characteristics and the family in which we grew up in, shaped by past generations and current socio-cultural environments.  Therapy provides guided assistance in exploring different ways to find meaning in a person’s life, achieve positive change, healing and empowerment through opening oneself up to increased reflectiveness and self-insight, more open access to creativity, imagination, humor and connection with the world in which we live.

Catherine provides individual therapy for those 16 years and older, in addition to couple and family therapy.

Areas of Expertise:

Depression                                       Anxiety and Panic        Life Adjustment

Cultural/Diversity Focus                GLBTQ Issues               Grief and loss

Relationship/Sexual Issues           Trauma/PTSD              Existential Issues

Body-Related Disorders: Body dysmorphic disorder, body image

Professional Background:  Catherine qualified as a Licensed professional Counselor in 2003.  She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology-Human Development from the University of Chicago in 1994.  Her B.A in Psychology is from Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA.  She is a qualified State Registered Nurse in the UK and was licensed to work as a registered Nurse in New York State, Pennsylvania and Illinois.  She has retired in 2015 from the University of Oklahoma Counseling Clinic after nearly 20 years, been in private practice for since 2007, and taught psychology at the university level.  She is a qualified Licensed Professional Counselor supervisor. 


Licensures and Certifications:

License Professional Counselor, Oklahoma (#3189)



American Psychological Association

Oklahoma Society for Psychoanalytic Studies


Contact Information

Cell: 405-361-2162



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